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Thread: noisy computer with addition of memory

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    Question noisy computer with addition of memory

    I have a PII 400mHz with 320MB RAM. I just added
    128MB to my system for a total of 320MB. Before
    the addition of this last memory, the noise of my
    computer was hardly noticeable, but now I am hearing
    additional noise. Is this normal?

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    make sure there are no wires touching the cpu fan (or any fans for that matter). one may have accidentally been moved to that area when you were installing the memory. also try blowing the dust out of the fans.

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    how about opening the side of the case and try and narrow down the noise.most likley it's a fan or you havent got the cover on exactly in position.some times the front on mine will vibrate and make aditional noise,so i give it a kick and she quiets down.

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