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Thread: kernel panic

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    kernel panic

    I've downloaded the most recent stable kernel, configured, compiled and now when I boot I get "kernel panic: init not found". I using Redhat 9.0 and grub. (Grub will still let me boot the old kernel.)

    As I understand it, there are many things which can cause this, so I'm not really after a quick solution because there are many which may or may not work. Rather, I want to know if there is a link to somewhere that will describe the boot process, and maybe I can begin to know where to look for a solution specific to my problem.

    I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.
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    Don't know if THIS is what you are looking for. Doesn't contain a whole lot.

    After quick search, most of the stuff I have been able to find with that error refer to problems with a misconfigured bootloaders.
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