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Thread: usbehci.sys (installing XP Pro)

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    usbehci.sys (installing XP Pro)

    I really need someone's help.
    I ran into a big problem a while ago when I performed some changed in the registry to tweak windows. The only form of backup I did was to export the whole registry to a REG file. Tweaking the registry created a big problem. I then merged the old REG file into the registry and undid whatever changes I could manually. The result was good except sound didn't work and nothing that relied on sound.

    So, I decided to do a repair installation. I am in the process of doing so now. I am afraid I am forced to use a different XP (Pro) CD from the one with which this Windows was installed, but both are pre-SP1. The installation process is now asking me for this usbehci.sys in this folder: /usb20/2.47/winxp_sp1. Neither the file or the folder exist anywhere on this CD.
    I have a different XP CD at hand, one with SP1 included, and it does have the usbehci file, but in I386 folder.

    Would it be ok to 1) put this CD in now, in the middle of the install process, direct it to the file, and continue with the new CD or 2) to put in the other CD, copy the usbehci.sys file somewhere, put the original CD back in, direct the install to the copied and file, and then continue?

    I am also wondering if 2 will work, since Windows isn't really loaded right now, I am doing this off boot.

    Is there any other option for me?

    Thank you.


    EDIT: it is possible that I am wrong and perhaps the very original CD from which windows was installed on this computer really was post-SP1. I don't think so, unless it explains why this file is asked for right now.

    EDIT2: I noticed that the usbehci.sys file I found on my other CD is about 11KB. I got my hands on a slightly newer 15.6KB one, but searching online I find that there are 19KB versions. I'm wondering if this matters much right now.
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    Enhanced USB support for USB 2.0 only came with sp1 and a couple of other versions of XP such as tablet. If you can direct the installation to the correct place then try it. If you can skip this part then skip and reinstall USB 2.0 support after the repair.

    If you can do without any USB during the installation then you could try disabling USB in the BIOS setup and then the installation shouldnt look for the drivers during the installation. The only other thing I can think of is to run the repair from an instalation CD onto which you have "slipstreamed" sp1.
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    Here's what I did just now:
    I put in my other XP SP1 CD, directed the installation to the I386 folder where the usbehci.sys file was located, and continued installation.
    Immidiately it gave me a screen saying that the software for the hardware I am installing (and it said: VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller) did not pass the Windows Logo test. I chose to screw and told it to continue without installation the USB driver.
    Immidiately after that, it asked me to put in this CD: VIA AGP Filter Driver Disk.
    This is where I am stuck. I'm clueless as to what it's talking about.

    I don't know what it means to "slipstream" anything.

    EDIT: Btw, I do have the printer connected by usb right now, and it's on.

    EDIT2: I learned that windows is just looking for some drivers right now. I found this interesting link:
    but ignored and it put in my motherboard CD.
    It continued the installation.
    It's now asking for the XP CD. I put in the SP1 CD...
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    Everything continued fine until this problem:

    unregmp2.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point GetIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.DLL

    I only have the option to hit OK. It's one of those errors with a big reg spot with a big white X in it. I put in the older CD, but hitting OK only made the error appear again. I've hit ok 10 times now.

    EDIT: Is this a good idea:
    It says to end task the error message.

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    Slipstreaming is a DIY way of adding a service pack to the basic installation files and burning a composite installation CD. Since you have a CD which includes sp1 you already effectively have one.

    Couple ideas on msdart at but if you are having these repeated problems repairing and after having messed with the registry - possibly only a clean install is going to work if you cant do a system restore to a point before things started going astray.
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