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Thread: No Video

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    Post No Video

    My monitors are known tow work but nothing is being displayed on them whan the system starts booting. I have tried 3 monitors with the cpu. There are grinding sounds coming from the cpu but no beep. What can I do to boot system?

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    are you sure the grinding noise is from the CPU? sounds more like the fan or Hard drive,if it is the fan and it's not working you may have fried the CPU
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    When you say the grinding sound coming from the CPU you are talking about the system case

    The first thing you need to check is the fans,
    When you power up the system do the fans start?
    Including the Power supply, cpu and case fans
    While you have the case cover off you will or should be able to get a better idea of where the sound is coming from.

    IF it is any one of the fans they need to be replaced.
    If it is the CPU cooling fan then the chip needs to be checked,
    It may be cooked. And need to be replaced

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    You need to track down which component is failing - must be either cpu, memory or video card, right?

    If you have spare components, try this; otherwise, take your mobo to a shop and ask the tech to check it for you. he/she should have spare memory, cpu and vid cards around.

    if you want to try this yourself, do this:

    1. remove mobo from case, and place on nice clean piece of cardboard (to keep from shorting out connections on back),
    2. keep power supply cable connected, and keep speaker connected (to hear the beeps --- think positive), and
    3. connect only the video card (remove all other cards and connections to devices: floppy, hard drive, etc).

    you can switch mobo on (or short out switch connector), and replace one component at a time (cpu, memory, video card) until you get it working, then you should be able to figure out which one is busted.

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