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Thread: PSU Fan

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    PSU Fan

    I am having this Icute PSU 420W. It has 2 fans. The side fan blows out the air and the bottom fan sucks in air.
    Recently, the bottom fan gives out sound. So i check and apparently when it 'sound' the fan actually slows down till where each of the fins( dont know what to call that) can be seen spinning. After about 15 seconds or more, it will function properly.

    I would like to know whether this sign is the PSU dieing? going to blow?

    or its just the fan motor problem?

    or should i clean the fan first to clear the dust and run it to check again. (its not been cleaned for 2 1/2 years.

    Let say one day the bottom fan died , is it save to use the PSU? It still have a fan sucking the air out. Just no fan sucking air in.

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    Could be the fan is temp controled by sencer on the fan or near to a set part in the psu causing it to speed up slow down.

    If the pc is running well, no ramdon reboots, then the psu ok, if the fan stops working altogether you can replace (WITH GREAT CARE AND KNOW HOW) or try and fix/tape a fan to the outside of psu case, or buy new psu.
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    Clean the fan out as a first step. If this solves the problem, well and good.
    However it is probable that the fan is dying. Replacement should not be either difficult, or expensive, with one warning. Before opening the power supply, uplug the mains lead, and turn the computer on! This will discharge most of the internal capacitors. Even so, take care, as these capacitors can hold enough charge to make your eyes water!
    Usually, when the PSU is opened, the fan lead can easily be unplugged from the internal PCB. If it is soldered in, cuttin the leads, and spicing the new fan wires to them should not be difficult. Make certain that nothing gets trapped on reassembly.
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    There isnt any random reboots or whatsoever. Just occasionally the fan will slow down. Its not because of the sensor control too as it never happen before in 2 years plus.

    Anyhow, its good to know its just the fan problem. Thanks alot. Got to replace the fan soon.

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    Ya, if the fan is starting to make sounds, it isn't a sensor or anything. If it was, it would just slow down but still be quiet. The noise means that the fan is going bad. If you don't know much about electronics, I suggest not opening up the power supply case. The capacitors inside can sometimes be 250 volts and still be holding a charge. Trying to turn on the system with it being unplugged will not fully discharge these. If you do know stuff about electronics, and feel confident, then discharge the capacitors when you open the power supply case. The fan will most likely have a different connector on it than a case fan would that you can get at a computer supply store. So, you would proabably need to cut the leads and connect the wires up to a new case fan that you can easily get.

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    There are to causes :

    1. Dust
    2. Fan motor is almost dead

    1. Dust - remove the PSU - unscrew and remove the 'fins' and clean the fan using some non-alchoolic oil / specially made for this issue not any oil. Make sure everything is clean and assemble it back and give it a try.
    2. The fan was bad from the beggining - factory issue so replace it and your problems are over.

    Good luck

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