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Thread: DSL speed issues

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    Question DSL speed issues

    I have just started DSL. On my computer (HP Paviilion 7955, 1.8P4, 512 ram) when I run a speed test it comes out 750k, when the Verizon technician runs the same test on his laptop he gets 2,000k. We have changed cables etc but the only difference is the computer. Is it the ethernet card on the HP? or something I can correct easily? Ian

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    The answer is maybe. What were the specs of the laptop?

    How much RAM is free.

    Open your task manager and click on the performance tab. How much of your RAM and CPU power are in use?

    Please run an on-line virus scan at Trend Micro.

    Download, install, update and scan with Adaware SE Fix all critical errors.

    Download, install,update and scan with Spybot S&D. Fix anything in red.

    Download Hijackthis
    Install it into a permanent folder. Choose the option to scan and create a log. Post the contents of the log back here for review.
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