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Thread: WINZIP problems.

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    WINZIP problems.

    Ok. Firstly guys this is my first post so hello.Today i went to Zest games in Bangkok(where i live) where i can buy original games. After browsing and thinking about Brothers in Arms. I came accross ths game DeuxEx Invisble War. Thought i'd give it a go. So got home and done some things around the room. Finally have just sat down and decided to load this game up. So insert the disk nothing happens then windows kicksa in and shows me whats on the disc. One Zip file. So far so good. So i try to unZip the file. Then its gives me this message...
    WinZip cannot open D:\ because its not in the standard Microsoft CAB format (as defined in mid 1998). The "signature bytes" required by the Microsoft CaB specification are missing.

    Bare in mind this is an ORIGINAL game and not a copy. So any ideas guys. I dont know what to do except take the game back tomorrow and see if they will swap the game for something else. Was looking forward to playing this.

    PC specs......
    Athlon 64/3000 Socket 939
    Mainboard with 939 socket with VGA slot
    NEO 2
    2x 512 Ram(400)
    160GB HD (MT)
    Geforce Fx 5900 graphics card.
    Running Xp by the way. Cheers in advance.

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    Not sure but what is the size of this zip file. Usually .cab files are to do with Windows or so I understand it.
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    Try using either Winzip, or Winrar to open the file.

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    Ok. Thanks for any help that you gave. Found out what the problem was. Really simple but the manufacturers fault. One disc was marked INSTALL the other GAME. So obviously i use the INSTALL disk. Would you not? I thought **** it. I'll try other disc as a last resort. None of these discs were marked Disc 1 or Disc 2 just what i stated before. So tried the GAME disc. And it worked. Doh! Maybe the discs were marked wrong? I dont know? But its working now. I feel stupid.

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    Feb 2002
    Somerset, England
    It happens to all of us sometimes! Glad you got it working.
    be wary of strong drink - it may make you shoot at tax collectors, and miss!

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