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Thread: device drivers lost(?)

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    Question device drivers lost(?)

    Hello fellow computer lovers,I am (or had)some very strange problems recently.I'm hoping the knowlege and wisdom of the almighty users here can help my clarify.
    When i got up this morning and turned my computer on,my computer stoped on the bios screen stating my "CMOS" setting was wrong and gave me two options,f1 to change or f2 for default setting.I chose f1 and saw nothing wron everything in my CMOS was enabled or on auto except the time and date wich for some odd reason was on aug of 2001.
    Well not knowing too much about my bios settings (obviously) my system continued to my desktop where i received wizard windows for every devise driver in my computer,my modem,my printer.... I also received at the same time "new hardware found" windows for my speakers,my mouse......EVERYTHING
    it seems was lost and refound on my computer.If it helps I have an amd athlon 1ghz system with a tnt2 video card(wich still isn't working,drivers are still lost.)15g hd with only 1.6g used,128mg ram on an american megatrends motherboard.
    My boss at work built it and got it running again (all but the video card,he's burning a copy of the drivers I need)but it doesn't seem to be the same(running) as it was.I now have a second modem in my system (com5)too.when we got it back booting,it wanted to boot up in safe mode only without a choice.
    Does this sound like my battery failed during the night?
    If not,what the hell would make windows simply loose all hardware devises and drivers like that?
    I have reinstalled windows 98se (not a clean install) and my system is workin at least.
    Any sugestions or tips will be greatly apreciated.
    I have norton anti-virus continously monitoring my system and update definitions and completly scan on a regular basis.So not a virus.

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    krebby, hello and welcome to The PC guide Forums

    Sounds to me like a dead battery on your motherboard. Replace it and every thing should be back to normal. The battery holds a charge in the CMOS when the PC is off if the battery goes dead the CMOS will loose all stored information for IRQ. DMA addresses and the real time clock and Windows will rediscover all of this and need to reassign resources for everything before any thing can be used.

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    akron,oh USA


    thanks for the info rond36.
    Like I said my boos built it for me and he knows a ton about how to fix problems.unfortunately I don't get along too well with him now so it's very dificult to get his help.
    He meantioned the battery might be bad.
    After he reset everything,I don't have any problems (except for no sound of corse)It seems to boot up alot quicker too.prety weird.
    It is very reasuring to be able to come here and have such nice people offer their insight and share threir wisdom on computers.
    Many thanks to the master geeks who take the time to help.
    thanks again rond36.

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