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Thread: backlight replacement

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    backlight replacement

    Is it difficult to replace a backlight in a laptop? What exactly is a backlight? How much does one cost, and how much might it cost if I wanted it installed by a professional? I need one because my laptop's (which I only got back in 2001) screen is always going black and it only starts working if I whack it- I hate doing it, but it's the only way I can get the light to come on! Is a backlight kind of like a long flourescent bulb? Is it built into the lcd screen or can it be accessed easily? Where might one come across such an item?


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    It may be the backlight (requires new display screen), or it may be the inverter board that powers it going bad, or the flex cables going intermittant between the two.
    I moved this to notebooks also.

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    Generally, if you are having screen problems they're going to completely replace the LCD screen(assuming you have an LCD screen for a laptop, and though it's not likely you have something besides LCD i'm just covering all bases here). Different manufacturers will deal with the problem differently, but if you are under warranty with the manufacturer, which is probably unlikely considering you have a notebook that is 4 years old, but if you do then you should be able to replace it quite cheaply. If you aren't under warranty generally if you go the manufacturer or a computer repair shop, you will pay for the LCD screen, and maybe a little labor I'm not sure how all computer repair shops do business. In your case, it sounds like a loose cable, so if you dropped it off, you could probably get it done at a fairly low cost, but if it's not just a loose connection somewhere in the laptop, then you will be looking at a range of 100-200 dollars, conservatively. Now, to answer the question about a backlight. Backlights on LCD's are used basically so you can see your LCD monitor when it's dark. The LCD itself puts out not light source, but merely puts out colors in the pixels with transistors. There are different types of LCD backlights. There are white ones located towards the edges. There are blue/green ones paper thin at the back of the LCD monitor. This all helps to create light during dark times so you can still see, but like i've said before, generally the technician will not take time to attempt to fix your backlight, simply because it's easier for him to order a new LCD from your manufacturer and throw out the old non-working LCD and be on with the next customer. Its cheaper for you as well. Well I hope that answers your question and is decently accurate. If you have anymore questions please feel free to reply. Have a good one

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    Backlights are a CCFL or Flourescent bulb.. Nothing more and the inverter is a mini ballast with the exception that it converts back to AC to fire the bulb. These can be a pain to change on some models but yours sounds like a bad connection if rapping brings it back to life. What make and model laptop?

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    but if it's not just a loose connection somewhere in the laptop, then you will be looking at a range of 100-200 dollars, conservatively
    Cheapest I find after a quick look is a 12.1 " for $435US. I didn't search around, just looked at a couple of vendor sites. Prices ranged from $435 for a 12" to $545 for a 16". Most had no price, "Call" is listed in the price field, which means "Just give us your checkbook." That's better than 2 years ago, I looked up a 12.1" for my Toshiba and it was $479 then, used. Hasn't dropped much in price though...Seems an LCD for a customer I looked up was almost $700 for a 14".

    I think it does sound like you have a bad connection, but getting to it might not be easy. Laptops in general are difficult and tedious to open up, and I've seen some I could not open up at all. I charge $100 minimum if I have to open up a laptop, I'm looking at 4 hours at least, if I do nothing but open it up and close it again. Replacing the little jack your AC Adapter plugs into is an all day chore because it has to be completely disassembled...and costs about $150 to solder in a $2.79 plug...
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