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Thread: Hyperhtreading ?

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    Hyperhtreading ?

    I just saw a TV Advertisement of Pentium Hyperthreading Processor. They apparently claim that it will prevent crashes and provide security. What exactly does that technically mean ?

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    Here's the technical description of hyperthreading, straight from the horse's mouth (Intel):

    If the commercial said that hyperthreading alone will prevent crashes and provide security, well I think that's a bit misleading. Hyperthreading improves processor performance in some cases and it may add to or improve system stability under certain types of loads...meaning when doing certain tasks using certain applications that might otherwise "stress" the system.

    The Intel CPUs that have hyperthreading support enabled, notably the P4 Prescotts (630-660 and others) also have a feature called Execute Disable Bit. That feature provides additional security, but requires XP SP2, Server 2003 SP1, or certain Linux distributions to function properly. EBD is not a cure all, it must be used in conjunction with other security measures. According to Intel:

    Execute Disable Bit-enabled systems can halt worm attacks, reducing the need for virus related repairs. In addition, Execute Disable Bit may eliminate the need for software patches aimed at buffer overflow attacks. By combining Execute Disable Bit with anti-virus, firewall, spy ware removal, e-mail filtering software, and other network security measures, IT managers can free IT resources for other initiatives.
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