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Thread: No Internet

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    No Internet

    Hello All,

    I need some serious help here. Here is my problem

    I have a PC on which I have just had to re-install Windows XP Pro. All is OK but each IO connect to the internet, my PC restarts!

    The connection goes fine and I can connect for a while. After that, a window appears indicating that "LSA Shell (Export Version" has crashed and this is followed by another window indicating that the system will restart.

    What can I do?


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    Since you just reinstalled Windows anyways, I would just try and reinstall it one more time. It is possible something went awry during the last install. Then once you have installed it, make sure and install your anti-virus application before connecting to the Internet for the first time. See if that helps. If not, then we will need to pursue a possible hardware-related problem.

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    What has occurred is a worm infection after the reload of the OS, possibly Sasser or SDbot.
    Try downloading Stinger onto a clean PC, transfer to a clean floppy, write protect it, and then boot the infected PC into SAFE mode and scan the PC.

    You need to have a firewall and AntiVirus on the PC before connecting it to the Internet for any patches or upgrades when you load a Windows OS.

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    Sasser and its cousins can gain access to your system very quickly once you connect to the internet unless your system is (a) adequately firewalled and (b) patched.

    Some details at

    There is no point is cleaning the infection and then going on line again with an unpatched system.
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