I think the problem i have is the psu it is a thermatake 420w. He is what is happening. I can play bf2 all day no problem. I can play planetside for about 1-3 hours and then the comp will just shut down. I can play eq2 for about 30min to a hour then it will just shut down. I thought it might be overheatting, but thier is no video glitches, slow down in fps, or studders. It will jsut shut it self down and the only way to turn it back on is to flip the switch to the psu and wait for the lights on the mobo to go off then i can turn it back on and go right back to playing games. Now if i do not flip the switch to the psu i can not do anything i can press the power button all day and nothing will happen. Can you recomend any good psu?

i have a intel 945 mobo, 3.4cpu, 1gig ram, x850xt pe, 80 gig hdd