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Thread: Just installed the dual channel,need some help??

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    Sep 2005

    Thumbs up Just installed the dual channel,need some help??

    Just got a new gig of kingston valueram 533 4200 and got it running in dual channel,first time messing much w the memory but i have read that changing timings in bios can yield some big performance gains.Not sure exactly what the memory is doin now(may be far from optimized????)Not sure what timings i should put in bios when i change from spd to user definind timings?How can i find out what my memory is running at and what timings to use?Also my mobo is capable of ddr2 600 and the kingston can run at that
    and the ram
    Just pretty confused on how to get Max performance out of this combination,any help and explanation would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BASPro
    i have read that changing timings in bios can yield some big performance gains.
    Hahaha! Well I don't know about that. If you can call 1-3% "big" then yes.

    Apparently, the default CAS for that RAM is 4. To see what it's running at, you'll have to look in your BIOS. Usually under "SPD" there will be some greyed-out values for all your timings. Just look at those! If you want to fiddle with them, just select "User Defined" and start, um... fiddling with them.

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    You're not going to use the Asus AI Booster to OC? If you do, let me know how well it works.
    Pop Pop
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    pops,Used the ai booster to overclock.Have it set to fsb 900(was 800)and ddr2-600(was 533).seems to be working well,Checked in bios and it has ai booster preset being used.Under memory timings it just has user defined spd still checked(which was 4,4,4,12)but according to everest my memory timings r now 5,5,5,15.CPU 3.4 and since overclock 3.8.All temps are pretty much the same as b4,maybe slightly higher,but i have a new cpu fan on the way anyway.Temps r about 52c under load,but is fine for a lga775 socket .So i guess so far ,so good.Let me know if u decide to use it and what u think.

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