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Thread: 1GB DDR2 Ram, Help please.

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    1GB DDR2 Ram, Help please.

    I'm putting together a new system with the main intention to edit video. I've already purchased my Mobo, Gigabyte 8I955X-Pro and a Pentium 4 3ghz 2mb. Next step is the Ram and it's giving me nightmares as I'm working to a budget.

    I'm looking for around 1GB, as far as I can tell from reading other threads it's best to use dual memory? Is this as easy as just buying two seperate sticks and away you go or do you have to buy the packs of memory in order to maximize it's use?

    Secondly, could anyone explain the memory timing to me? Is higher better? What do the numbers signify?

    As you can probably guess I know Diddly Squot about clocking aswell so would it be best to stick with the economy memory?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give, it will be greatfully received.

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    Your MB supports dual channel memory architecture, so you have to install a minimum of 2 identical RAM modules from the same manufacturer to insure that things work properly.

    Here' some data on memory timing:

    Do not buy no-name economy RAM. Get it from either Crucial, Kingston, or Mushkin. Corsair is another, but I've heard some bad things about it lately.

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    Check my sticky - it will tell you what RAM I recommend. Or at least point you in the right direction.

    In short, you want to buy what's called a "matched pair" or "dual-channel kit" of RAM. It's a set of two modules/sticks that have been matched together for guaranteed dual-channel mode compatibility. And yes, you want dual-channel. With all that other high-end hardware, I wouldn't go with anything less.

    As far as the timings go, lower numbers are better. Beyond the CAS rating, I wouldn't worry about the others. To get the full meaning of all the timings involves delving deep into clock diagrams, sine waves, electrical cycle phase shifts, and a more-than-basic understanding of how SDRAM/DDR/DDR2 works. So unless you want to read things more complex than your standard school Physics book, don't worry about the others.

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    Lower time in is better. RAM modules should have same timing.

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    But it depends on mobo, BIOS should set all banks speeds to the speed of slowest mem module.

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