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Thread: Keyboard will not work during POST?

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    Keyboard will not work during POST?

    OK, USB keyboard, very cheap, but Belkin. I am having some problems with my computer right now and I want to boot from the XP CD.

    The keyboard works enough to get me to the BIOS screen, but when I change the boot order to CD, and then continue, start-up requests that I "press any key to boot form CD." My keyboard does not respond, so XP boots normally. I can see the keyboard is not working bc the lights do not light up when I hit Caps Lock. Any thoughts on what is going on?

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    The only way of getting into the BIOS, is to use another keyboard, as I have found out to my cost, when working on a customers computer. I assume that the computer has a PS/2 connection for the keyboard, and a new PS/2 keyboard can be picked up for only a few pounds.
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    I've a PS/2 I picked up for $4.99 US and I keep it just for such I have USB wireless on my keyboard and mouse...
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    Stupid follow-up because your instructions are clear... but my USB kb works in BIOS under most curcumstances. Is there something about booting from CD that causes the kb to stop responding?

    Also, it seems that the USB-PS/2 adapter did not do the trick... should it?

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