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Thread: Gateway P5-75

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    Question Gateway P5-75

    Anyone know what form factor the Gateway P5-75 systems were? Did they make them in more than one form factor? Reason I ask, is I've got a co-worker needing some upgrades to his. Basically replacing everything in the case, icluding motherboard. I haven't seen the PC so I'm trying to blindly figure out if I'll need a new case and PS. The motherboard I'm going to install is ATX. I've got 1 report that these old systems were baby AT. Trouble is, he says his keyboard is a 6-pin PS/2. All the info I can find suggests there is no such thing as an AT board with a PS/2 keyboard connector. So maybe, just maybe it's ATX.

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    A review said it has an AT board, and it is 1995 vintage. ATX came around about 1997. Here is a link to a picture of it.

    I'd go for a new ATX case and power supply since that is the form factor for most new motherboards. I've seen inside one of those old cases, and they really have stuff crammed in; no fun to work with, and expansion slots are limited.

    He could buy a keyboard for not much more than the cost of a plug adaptor.


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    Thanks for the info and link. I ordered a new case/PS for him as well. Guess i'll just wait and see about the keyboard. I have a strange feeling this is going to be more trouble than it's worth.

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    Yeah, that style case wasn't exactly the best in design...

    AT/ATX form factors can be identified, but you have to look inside the case. It could be done over the phone, email etc if the other person knows how to describe what he/she sees.

    AT boards will have the memory slots located parallel to the ISA/PCI slots, ATX will have them perpendicular. The CPU on the ATX board will be closer to the power supply, instead of at the far left corner, and the power supply plug on ATX has one connector instead of two.

    AT Board

    ATX Board

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