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Thread: Optmizing Vs Upgrading

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    Exclamation Optmizing Vs Upgrading

    I have a Pentium II 400MHz with 64 Mb RAM and I am starting to have "slow-motion" problems. Because of that I am know trying to optimize it. I have read some tutorials and I think that there isn't much more I can do to improve it.

    My question now is, what should I do? Get more RAM or change the processor?
    Would the increase in RAM have a significant effect? Isn't "limited"?
    In the last option in which cases would that mean a new motherboard? When should you consider to change your processor, (attending that I work with 3D, GIS and CAD programs)?

    Thanks a lot for your attention and hope that someone can help me.

    Simao Dias

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    Welcome Simao! How are things in Portugal? I was there in 1985 with the US Army AMF(Allied Mobile Forces) exercise with NATO members of Mortars and Artillery...rained the entire 22 days, but I did get to see Lisbon. Anyways, to offer some advice...Is money and option? If not, go the whole route for the mobo, cpu and memory. Just the mention of CAD and 3D call for a memory upgrade. Sounds to me like a video card is in the works as can't neglect that peripheral when dealing with the 3D monster. Intense graphics=lots of memory, beffy video card and fast cpu. In the words of the folks at throw as much memory and processor power as you can afford to. If you decide to stick with your current mobo, consult the manual and determine if the board can handle the RAM and to what level you can take the CPU. I have an inclination that by the time you spend the Escudos for the upgrades to make you 3D-Happy that you may be better off going for the Pentium III or AMD processor and the faster bus speeds.
    More info on current Operating System and PC components would help. If you're running Win 98 you've got it on a lean diet already in the RAM department...add graphics-intensive multi-tasking and you're starving for RAM. You have to weigh your usage/needs with your wallet on this one. I'd say if you're doing this heavy stuff of a living and you have to supply your own pc you're gonna need to beef up on a better system. I guess I've flogged this horse enough...Hang around and get a few more opinions before jumping though.


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    Yep, more RAM would be a very good idea, CAD and 3D applications usually hog lots of it.

    Also, clean out the desktop, if you use wallpaper, backgrounds and 86 icons you're sure to slow the system down. All those are pictures that the video card has to reproduce 60-72 times a second. Setting the resolution down a notch might help as well. the difference between 32 bit True Color and 24 bit is usually not noticable, and will make a difference in performance.

    Check out the BIOS Survival Guide and Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide for any BIOS tweaks that might help, and the PC Guide has a very nice BIOS settings section too.

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