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Thread: new hard drive

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    Question new hard drive

    I purchased a new 30 gig hard drive (maxtor 7200 rpm ata100) and as this is my first attempt at installing a hard drive I would appreciate some advise.My computer is a HP 8662c and the original hard drive is the oe 30 gig and i am pretty sure it is a ata66,5400 rpm.The new maxtor also came with a free ultra ata/100 pci adapter card.Any and all suggestions on how i should install the new drive will be appreciated(master,slave,with adapter or without).Thanks

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    I couldn't find out for sure if your machine natively supports ATA/100 if it doesn't then in order to get the most out of your new drive you'll need the controller card.

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    it looks like my computer does not support the if i use the controller card do i use it to hook up both hard drives in a master/slave combo?????
    AMD Athlon Processor Support: Supports AMD Athlon processor designed for the AMD Athlon Processor Module (242-pin Slot A) and packaged in a plastic ballgrid array (PBGA).
    North Bridge System Chipset: AMD-751 chipset with AGP/PCI/Memory controller supports a 200MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), supports up to 768MB of PC-100 SDRAM DIMM, complies with AGP 2.0 specifications for 1X and 2X
    AGP modes and PCI 2.2. bus interface with support for 6 PCI masters. It is optimized to deliver enhanced AMD AthlonTM processor system performance.
    South Bridge System Chipset: VIA VT82C686A PCIset with PCI Super I/O integrated peripheral controller supports UltraDMA/66, which allows burst mode data transfer rates of up to 66.6MB/sec.
    Enhanced ACPI & Anti-Boot Virus BIOS: Programmable BIOS (Flash EEPROM), offering enhanced ACPI for Windows 98 compatibility, built-in firmware-based virus protection, and autodetection of most devices for virtually automatic setup.
    PC100 Memory Support: Equipped with two DIMM sockets to support Intel PC100 compliant SDRAMs (16, 32, 64, 128, or 256MB) up to 512MB.
    Super Multi-I/O: Provides two high-speed UART compatible serial ports and one parallel port with EPP and ECP capabilities.
    PCI Slots: Provides 5 32-bit PCI 2.2 slots. PCI supports up to 133MB/sec maximum throughput. Each PCI slot can support a Bus Master PCI card, such as a SCSI card.
    Desktop Management Interface (DMI): Supports DMI through BIOS, which allows hardware to communicate within a standard protocol creating a higher level of compatibility. (Requires DMI-enabled components.)
    Wake-Up Support: Supports Wake-On-LAN and Wake-On-Ring.
    AGP Slot: Supports an Accelerated Graphics Port card for high performance component level interconnect targeted at 3D graphical display applications using a 1X or 2X mode bus.
    Motherboard Layout
    Figure 1: Motherboard Layout

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