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Thread: internet access through working router

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    internet access through working router

    This is my 3rd day trying to sort this out and I'm really desparate! I have a Linksys WAG54G wireless router and 2 pcs both running XP home with US wireless robotics cards. One has internet access through the router and is working perfectly. I have reformatted the other, reinstalled the software etc and it indicates a connection to the router - says its good, but won't connect to the internet. The settings are identical on both pcs.
    It will ping itself but says the router is unreachable. I don't understand how this can be when it indicates a good connection.
    Obviously the reformatted one doens't have the service packs on it becasue I can't download them, but other than this they are the same. It has worked before, but it was so slow, with so much junk on it than reformatting seemed the only option.
    Help pleeeease!!!

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    Router detecting PC

    Does your router show the PC as connected to it? It could be only one of the PCs MAC addresses is recognised/allowed. Please provide some info from the router itself, like are WEP or WPA enncryption required - could be the second PC is not using the correct encryption, what are the MAC settings, etc?

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    Sorry - I'm not an expert - just a meddling amateur!! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!
    How can I tell whether the router thinks it's connected?
    WEP is required and I have the same WEP settings as on the PC that works. WPA is disabled.
    Do the MAC settings matter? I thought each pc had its own unique MAC number, but as long as the ip address is right, where does the MAC come into it?
    These may all seem silly questions, but I have set it up before with no problems believe it or not, on my laptop as well, which isn't here at the moment.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Hi mate

    Firstly check the routers Virtual Server page, all PC's should be showing in here.

    Have you got Windows firewall enabled on the new build XP machine and turn all 3rd party firewalls off if you have got any. Or enable the router to filter through your firewall. I would pref disable them to try help resolve the isssue.

    By sounds of it, if one PC is connected ok and another one wont it, is the PC at fault really. Have you got any other PC's laptops that you can try to connect to the router?

    I cant see the service packs helping on this issue anyway!!

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