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Thread: Where are A+ tests held?

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    Where are A+ tests held?

    I know this is a really general question, but is there a website that shows locations of where to take the A+ exam?
    k thanks.
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    Pearson or Prometric?

    Look here.
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    Pearson Vue is where I took my last CompTIA certification test:

    I chose to take one at a business school as they have the experience and good quality PCs to make it easier to have a good experience. Registered via the above.

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    Once you have found a site within your area (or however far you are willing to travel) contact them to find out what sort of equipment set up they have.
    The main things to look for are:

    a quiet, non-cramped room- there's no point in being uncomfortable.

    17" TFT monitors - 17" is the standard sized monitor for using at 1024 x 768, which is the resolution the exam is supposed to be run at. Any less than this means you will be scrolling up and down the screen to look at different parts of the question.

    Revision area - if you arrive early, you may as well just sit down quietly and glance over some revision work.

    Refreshments, toilets etc - you will function better if you have food and water inside you, and you also need to be able to get rid of the excess!

    Parking facilities - no point in walking miles to get to an exam is there?

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