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Thread: Killed my mother board?

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    Exclamation Killed my mother board?

    Intel D875PBZ motherboard
    1 gig ram, 2 512K ddr400 sims
    800mhz FSB
    420watt power supply
    2 80 meg, raid 0, SATA drives
    1 200 meg ide drive
    128meg Matrox Parhelia AGP card

    So I bought a e-GeForce 6800 GS video card only to find out its very power hungry and people recommend 27+amps on the 12v line for it to work.

    I plug the geforce card and it wouldnt work, so off I go and purchase a new 500watt power supply that does 34amps on the 12v lines.

    I installed the 500watt power supply and tried booting.
    Got one long continious beep, I powered down immediately.
    I forgot to connect the 4 pin additional 12v line required by this motherboard. May have killed it right there

    I connect the 4 pin, 12v line to the motherboard and turn it on.

    No beeps at all, no boot. Everything powers up for a few seconds and then shuts down, all is quiet. I have to shutdown the power suppy for several seconds before I can turn it back on to try again.

    So I disconnected everything but the video card and try again.

    No beeps, no boot.

    I make sure everything is seated correctly. Still doesnt work.

    I put the old video card in and try again. Same thing. Fans start spinning for a couple of secs then everything shuts down.


    So I yank out the power supply and put the old one back in.
    I have everything exactly the way it was, but with all the drives, dvd, etc, disconnected. Only the video card is in, nothing else connected.

    I power up, get power for a few secs, the fans spin, then everything shuts down. No beeps.
    If I leave the power on, I can see green led's on the mother board which stay on, but the system is dead.

    I add one hard drive and try again (read somewhere that if you dont draw enough power, the power supply wont work).

    Same thing. Fans start spinning, then everything shuts down, AND THE POWER SUPPLY FAN turns off too. Forgot to mention this earlier.

    Any ideas?? I think I killed the motherboard. I cringed when it flexed as I pulled out the main power cord and put it back in. It was not well supported in that area. I wonder if I snapped some leads or something

    I have some new data on the SATA raid 0 drives I havent backed up. Will this be ok if I decide to get a new intel motherboard with raid???

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    More info....

    I removed the video card and MEMORY and tried booting.
    So I have nothing but the cpu, and everything else disconnected.

    I get 3 beeps on the speaker which means:
    "First 64 K memory failure" according to my motherboard manufacturer, which make sense. So something is working a bit.

    The CPU fan stays on, so does the power supply fan and case fan.

    I tried putting back in one of the DIMMS, failed, no beeps.
    Then replaced it with the other DIMM. Failed, and no beeps.

    Maybe I cooked the DIMMS when I tried booting with only the main motherboard power connector connected, while leaving the 4 pin 12v connector off, which results in that constant long beep????
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    west Lothian, Scotland.
    The fact that you got those beeps with no RAM and video card connected is a sign that the BIOS POST is running [and detecting the problem].
    And yet when the RAM and video is properly connected, the POST [which IS (capable of) running] doesn't complete.
    BUDFRED has a thread currently posted here at the PC guide; same problem, POST will not complete.
    The cause of his is an incorrect BIOS in the CMOS chip [manufacturer fitted the wrong chip] that isn't capable of running his board's connected hardware [dual processor].
    He has sent for the correct chip and is awaiting delivery.
    Are you aware that if you fit any new PCI hardware [my video card is treated as PCI], then you may need to "Force Update the ESCD" so that the correct resources [as demanded by the card] are allocated at each startup?
    So if the two video cards were demanding different resources, then each time you fitted a different card you'd need to update the ESCD.
    If you cannot get into the BIOS Setup to do this, then you may need to reset the BIOS defaults by removing the motherboard battery.
    I suggest you put the old card back and reset the BIOS defaults.

    Extended System Configuration Data (ESCD)
    ESCD ( Extended System Configuration Data ) General Information

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    Anything else I can try first?

    I already flashed the BIOS when I upgraded to Windows XP, and I know if I reset the flash, even if I fix everything else, my computer will not boot with XP and then im totally screwed in another way.

    It seems odd to me that everything would power down with any of the RAM intalled, but stays up and beeps with I dont have any RAM in.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    "It seems odd to me that everything would power down with any of the RAM intalled, but stays up and beeps with I dont have any RAM in."
    I think I know what's happening there.
    When the RAM is in place the BIOS POST runs, tests the RAM [it's ok, passes all tests otherwise there would be beeps] moves onto a later test [the video card probably, failure produces no beeps], discovers a [serious?] problem and shuts down to prevent damage.
    When the RAM isn't in place, the POST never reaches that serous problem, but stops when the RAM test fails and gives suitable beeps in response.
    Might be an idea to have a shop test to see which part of the POST is failing.

    "I already flashed the BIOS when I upgraded to Windows XP, and I know if I reset the flash, even if I fix everything else, my computer will not boot with XP and then im totally screwed in another way"
    I think you are misunderstanding what "resetting the BIOS defaults" does.
    It doesn't mess with the updated BIOS programs; it only resets the default configuration settings [and in the process updates the ESCD].

    Check this out...

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    Here is a generic Phoenix BIOS POST [your may be similar, but not identical].

    Code_Beeps_POST Routine Description
    02h Verify Real Mode
    03h Disable Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI)
    04h Get CPU type
    06h Initialize system hardware
    07h Disable shadow and execute code from the ROM.
    08h Initialize chipset with initial POST values
    09h Set IN POST flag
    0Ah Initialize CPU registers
    0Bh Enable CPU cache
    0Ch Initialize caches to initial POST values
    0Eh Initialize I/O component
    0Fh Initialize the local bus IDE
    10h Initialize Power Management
    11h Load alternate registers with initial POST values
    12h Restore CPU control word during warm boot
    13h Initialize PCI Bus Mastering devices
    14h Initialize keyboard controller
    16h 1-2-2-3 BIOS ROM checksum
    17h Initialize cache before memory Auto size
    18h 8254 timer initialization
    1Ah 8237 DMA controller initialization
    1Ch Reset Programmable Interrupt Controller
    20h 1-3-1-1 Test DRAM refresh
    22h 1-3-1-3 Test 8742 Keyboard Controller

    24h Set ES segment register to 4 GB
    28h Auto size DRAM
    29h Initialize POST Memory Manager
    2Ah Clear 512 kB base RAM
    2Ch 1-3-4-1 RAM failure on address line xxxx*
    2Eh 1-3-4-3 RAM failure on data bits xxxx* of low byte of
    memory bus

    ---------------------------------------------------------your POST gets at least this far
    2Fh Enable cache before system BIOS shadow
    32h Test CPU bus-clock frequency
    33h Initialize Phoenix Dispatch Manager
    36h Warm start shut down
    38h Shadow system BIOS ROM
    3Ah Auto size cache
    3Ch Advanced configuration of chipset registers
    3Dh Load alternate registers with CMOS values
    41h Initialize extended memory for RomPilot
    42h Initialize interrupt vectors
    45h POST device initialization
    46h 2-1-2-3 Check ROM copyright notice
    47h Initialize I20 support
    48h Check video configuration against CMOS
    49h Initialize PCI bus and devices
    4Ah Initialize all video adapters in system
    4Bh QuietBoot start (optional)
    4Ch Shadow video BIOS ROM
    4Eh Display BIOS copyright notice
    ---------------------------------------------------------your POST doesn't get this far

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