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Thread: build new pc

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    build new pc

    hi all i have decided to try to build a pc by my self lol i was just wonering is it hard and how long dos it take cherrs

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    Hello Rider4ever06 and welcome to the PcGuide forums.

    The first build is the hardest. Do a lot of research first, look at pictures and such until you feel comfortable enough to do it. Particularly about installing the CPU and HSF. It is the easiest thing to do, but most stressful part for a first timer. So much money wrapped up in that little delicate chip.

    Search through the forums, there is a lot of info here. If there is something particular you need help with you can always post a question or three, or six.... and we will be glad to help.

    How long does it take? Well, just putting the hardware together doesn't really take very long once you get it down. But for a first timer it can take several hours or more sometimes.

    Everything included from unpacking, installing hardware, to installing windows or other OS, to installing AV/FW and windows updates can take a couple of days depending on how much time you have each day to devote to working on it. It always helps to have a working computer connected to the internet so you can get help or look things up if you get stuck or become unsure of what you are doing.

    Yeah it's some work getting a new build up and running to a usable state. But most find the work very satisfying.
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    It isn't really all that hard to build a PC right now. Most of the hardware connections are made in a way so that they can only connect in one way, the right way. Just take your time and make sure that you are not forcing anything to go where it doesn't want to.

    The hardest part for a first time builder, especially if you haven't done much upgrading before, will be deciding on what to buy. Everything will fit together pretty easily as long as all of the parts you buy are meant to work together. The hard part is making sure that all of the parts will work together, and that they are using technology that will allow you to upgrade in the future.

    As for how long, well it depends really. Just to build a PC itself without installing anything can be pretty quick, or take a fair amount of time. It depends on your skill level, if you encounter any problems or not, and so on. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is quit possible you will run into a problem. Don't panic or freak out over it, just come and ask for help. Also ask for help on what things to buy. If you post back with your budget, and requirments then I am sure you well get plenty of help on what you should be looking to buy.

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    new guy same question

    My mother board is an ASUS P5LD2 with an intel CPU model 630 3.0 Ghz. I have a case with 480 watt power. I did not know that I must have a compatible video card. I know I need a pci e, but can I get any one I want or do I need to get only certain ones? I would like a 7800gt. Also, I see that the connections are different. Some have the blue connection for the monitor, some have a white connection with more pins. I don't want to get a new monitor. Will the white connection work, maybe with an adapter? I want to connect a VCR. Is the connection for that an ordinary one or something weird? Thanks, Pa

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    If your motherboard has a PCI express x16 slot then any PCI x16 card will work.

    As for the type of connection the typical connector (blue one you have) is a VGA cable. The newer standard is DVI (white). Your best bet would be to look for a card that supports both. This way you have the option of moving up to DVI if you get a new monitor. Convertors are available too if you choose that route. If you buy a retail package video card it will likely come with one.

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    As for connecting to a VCR you will want to be sure whatever video card you get has either S-video out or compsoite video out. Preferably both, but it would depend on what types of inputs your VCR has. I am not sure hooking directly to a VCR will work anyway, I have never done it before.

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    Thanks very much for quick reply and good answer. I believe I am set to go.


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    pamcfee - Please don't hijack someone else's thread. On a forums, this is considered as rude as interrupting a conversation. Even if you have the same question, start your own thread.

    Rider4ever06 - I agree, the first build is always the most difficult. From concept to completion, it's not uncommon to take a month or more. Picking out the parts takes the longest, but we can easily help you with that. The problems most often pop up when you're actually sitting there with all the parts and trying to put it together and get it to work. That's why jlreich's suggestion of having a spare internet PC is a good one. You can always come here to ask questions or find other info online.

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