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Thread: Hard drive size limitation due to BIOS?

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    Hard drive size limitation due to BIOS?

    Hi there, I'm running Win XP and have installed and formatted a 200 gb hd, but after formatting it only shows 127 gb. I had a friend tell me I need to flash my BIOS, but I don't know how to do this, or what file(s) I need to download in order to do this. Could someone maybe provide a link to the appropriate file(s) with a brief description of how to go about flashing the BIOS. Much thanks, oh, and here's my bios and motherboard info:

    System BIOS : Award Software, Inc. ASUS A7V8X ACPI BIOS Revision 1013
    System Mainboard : ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7V8X
    System Chipset : ASUSTeK Computer Inc VT8377 Apollo KT400 CPU to PCI

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    It's probably easier and less risky to just fit a PCI IDE controller card [they're so INEXPENSIVE].

    I fitted one, it provides practically unlimited HDD drive capacity, and it frees up the internal IDE controllers. So now each of my optical drives has their own controller and therefore all three drives [there's now capacity for four to do this] can run concurrently.
    No longer any of the business of having two drives on the same controller and attempting to read from one and write to the other so that they're forced to take turns; one reading, stop, the other writing, stop, first one reading again, stop, second writing again, stop,.... Ouch!

    So you see, you get very useful extra capability for very little cost with no risk of turning your motherboard into an ornament.

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    Apr 2003
    Do you have Win XP SP2 installed?
    Currently Running:
    AMD 3200+ Venice @ 2.3 GHz(230x10) 1.38V
    DFI NF4 SLi-D
    2x1024MB Corsair Infineon BE-5 @ 230MHz(2.5-3-3-6-1T)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvander
    It's probably easier and less risky to just fit a PCI IDE controller card [they're so INEXPENSIVE].
    I actually already have one, but when I format the drives that are connected to it it still only goes to 127 GB.

    BTW, I have Win XP SP 2.

    Here's some more info on my BIOS from this program called SiSoftware Sandra:

    General Information
    Manufacturer : Award Software, Inc.
    Version : ASUS A7V8X ACPI BIOS Revision 1013
    Date : 08/18/2003
    Plug & Play Version : 1.00
    SMBIOS/DMI Version : 2.30
    (EE)PROM Size : 512kB (4Mbit)

    General Capabilities
    Can be Updated/Flashed : Yes
    Can be Shadowed : Yes
    Is Socketed : Yes
    Supports Plug & Play : Yes
    Supports ESCD : Yes
    Supports Enhanced Disk Drive : Yes
    NEC PC-98 Spec Compatible : No

    Power Management Features
    Supports APM : Yes
    Supports ACPI : Yes
    Supports Smart Battery : No

    Boot Features
    Supports Selective Booting : Yes
    Supports CD/DVD Boot : Yes
    Supports PCMCIA/CardBus Boot : No
    Supports LS-120 Boot : No
    Supports ZIP Boot : No
    Supports i2o Boot : No
    Supports FireWire/1394 Boot : No
    Supports BIOS Boot Block : No
    Supports Interactive Network Boot : No

    Performance Tips
    Tip 201 : System BIOS is old. Check for an update.
    Notice 224 : SMBIOS/DMI information may be inaccurate.
    Tip 212 : BIOS can be shadowed so check whether it is.
    Tip 211 : BIOS is flash-able and socketed so it can be upgraded when needed.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    "I actually already have one, but when I format the drives that are connected to it it still only goes to 127 GB"
    This sounds like the same problem I had and managed to fix.

    1. I bought a new larger Maxtor HDD and used their Maxblast program to set it up for use. That means it partitioned the drive and formatted the partitions, and a Dynamic Drive Overlay [DDO] was automatically installed because the m/b BIOS couldn't see all of the drive capacity.
    Now here is the REALLY IMPORTANT PART...
    Somehow, to make the BIOS see the drive, I had made the program get the HDD to MISREPORT ITS SIZE to the BIOS as being a size that was the same as the maximum that the BIOS could see, so now the on-board BIOS was happy.
    Now the HDD was reporting its size as much smaller than it really was, but a DDO had been installed so that the whole of the drive capacity could be used.

    2. Now I bought an IDE controller card and eliminated the DDO [by zero-filling the drive] and connected the drive to the new card.

    3. But the card's BIOS could only see the size that the HDD was now misreporting.

    4. In order to get the card's BIOS to see the full capacity of the HDD I had to Use the Maxblast program to "Change the drive size" back to its "Native Capacity" [the program correctly detected what that was, displayed it, I chose it, ok'd it].

    5. Now when I connected the drive to the new card the correct capacity was detected, I partitioned that capacity, formatted the partitions, and all was well.

    I think this is the thread with all the details...

    Mind you...
    As Deagle said...
    You still need Service Pack 2 of WinXP for windows to se the capacity above 128GB.
    Last edited by Sylvander; 03-30-2006 at 05:22 PM.

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