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Thread: "trayapp.exe" install at startup is driving me nuts

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    "trayapp.exe" install at startup is driving me nuts

    Hi All,
    Any help solving this would be much appreciated.
    As of about 3 days ago, every time I reboot my machine, the program "trayapp.exe" tries to load up and tells me that I need some component from a cd and to load the cd.
    I don't know where the program came from or what is trying to call it and need some help to solve this issue.

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    Welcome to forums....

    Are you on a Novell Network?
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    See Detail of Novell iFolder ( trayapp.exe ).

    Perhaps you could use Startup Control Panel to prevent it running automatically at startup.

    You might uninstall MS Office [iFolder is a component apparently], then reinstall it by copying the install files to a partition [other than C:], then running the install from there and leaving the files permanently in that location. Then if iFolder needed anything it would fetch it from there and not ask for the installation CD [in a drive with the same letter as the one that was originally used to install].

    [That's what I did with Windows and Office, and it works rather well.]

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    Not on a Novell network. I have discovered through a bit of trial and error that it is actually something that is incorporated into the installation facilities of my HP6210 printer software. Don't really know what it is but I have a feeling they have included the software from Novell and it's hidden under the hood.

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    Meant to mention that I finally put the printer installation disk in when the system was booting after the fourth shot and it auto corrected the issue. It really is annoying when the software has these hidden components that you have no way of diagnosing because you have no way of finding out what software is trying to start it up. Many thanks for the suggestions and quick responses.

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    Thumbs up trayapp.exe

    I'm not sure what really worked to solve this problem. I did the following.
    I checked Microsoft Support and found nothing.
    I checked with McAfee to find out if it was a virus. No info.
    I googled and came here.
    I re-ran the HP installation disk.
    I removed a marbles game installed for Christmas.
    When I re-booted, a Microsoft error message came up and was sent, so I am hoping they will correct whatever caused the problem. However, it does seem to be gone for now.

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