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Thread: Gigabyte K8U-939 + SATA = BSoD (HELP!!!!)

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    Gigabyte K8U-939 + SATA = BSoD (HELP!!!!)

    Recently switched to a SATA from IDE HD.

    The good old BSoD has been showing with error code 0x000000F4 when my computer tries to comeback from stand-by mode.

    Only thing I can figure is that the only drive in my system, which is SATA, is somehow set to slave and windows is getting pissed because it doesn't like to be on a slave drive.

    Is this a BIOS issue?

    Did I plug the drive into the wrong SATA plug on the MoBo?

    Anyone else run into this problem?

    thanks in advance
    AMD X2 3800+
    GigaByte K8U-939
    XFX 6600GT 256MB
    2GB Corsair XMS

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    west Lothian, Scotland.

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