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Thread: help me with ccna

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    help me with ccna

    iam preparing using todd lamle book for ccna and hotcerts.
    com ccna guide , will i be able to go through the pass exams .
    i heared its reall beast . wanted to know ur guys opinions

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    Nov 2001
    There is no way for anyone wo know if you will be able to pass on the first go around. You would be the best judge of that really. I got mine on the first try just using the Lamale and Cisco study guides and some routers to play around with.

    You will have to judge when you know the material well enough to pass. Take the practice tests over and over. Mix up the questions, and when you are able to get like 90% on every exam then you are probably ready.

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    Like all these exams, it's the luck of the draw.
    I sat the ccna in two parts. the first time I did the second part it was a complete monster- I failed it by a few points. The second time, I thought it was pretty easy.
    You will come across lots of stuff on working out subnet masks etc, so make sure you can do them without much thought. Having to worry about binary is not something you want when your time is limited.
    best of luck with the ccna

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