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Thread: new computer! (but can't build it)

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    new computer! (but can't build it)

    hey hey everyone, i got my new computer 9am this morining and ive started to build it. I thought it seemed a bit easy considering this was my first build , but now ive ended up with a bunch of cables that dont go anywhere

    anyway heres some pics

    i belive the 4 hole ones are the 12v rails , but there is only one connection up next to the cpu. I think the 6 hole one is meant to be for pci-e graphics but there is nowhere for it to plug into either on my XFX7600gt or on the motherboard.

    Also there is a cable that looks like a stretched out L shape, there is a shape like it but i think they are for the HDD's and that one doesnt fit anyway

    the other two small ones i have no idea lol

    apart from that i will be good to go, well if they gave me a power cable and if i remembered to order HDD's . and ill have to download linux..... ok might be a while before i get this going lol!!!

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    It's perfectly normal to have cables left over. And some graphics cards don't require extra power connectors, so don't worry about it! If there's nowhere to plug some of them in, tie them together and tuck them away somewhere so that they won't be in the way.
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    Yep, the 4-pin square connectors are the +12V connectors that lead to the CPU area on the mobo. Usually there's only one required, but some of the latest (or upcoming) high end dual-core CPU's may need two of them. For now, just plug one of them in by your CPU. I don't think yours will require two of them.

    Yes, the 6-pin power connector is the PCIe connector. Some mobo's have a connector on them for this one, but most don't. And only the higher end vid cards (X1900 & 7900) require an extra PCIe power connector plugged into them. The 7600 series are not power-hungry enough to require it, so these vid cards will not have that power connector. Don't worry about it, just leave it alone for now.

    The "stretched out L shape" one is the SATA power connector, for use with SATA hard drives. But some SATA hard drives use the standard 4-pin molex power connector, and some have both power connectors. You should only plug in one power connector per hard drive. If your hard drives have no SATA power connector, don't worry about it. Just use the 4-pin molex. It will work fine.

    The last two are floppy power connectors, typically used for floppy drives. But since many people no longer use a floppy drive, some components have this type of power connector as their extra one. I've seen a few vid cards and RAID cards use this connector. But unless you have a floppy drive, you are unlikely to use those power connectors for anything else.

    When building a new system, you will most likely have many many cables from your PSU that will go unused. The old saying goes "if there's nowhere to plug it in, forget about it." So if you can't find a place to plug in some of your power connectors, don't worry about them. They're just extras.

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    If you're a neat freak like me you might want to consider folding up the wires and then using some electrical tape to keep them secure and out of the way...
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