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Thread: FTP Error Code 550

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    FTP Error Code 550

    When I open my FTP app I hear the "uh-oh" and get Failed, error:550. I look at the bottom and see the two files that supposedly failed to transfer, but I see them over in the left pane and can open and look at them. I clicked on the arrow that is beside of failed in the bottom, it says pending then fails again. I'm not sure what to do. The files are coming from a transciptionist. Earlier in the week I had a little different problem, whenever I clicked on the arrow to send the files from the right pane over to the left pane, nothing would happen. So I would shutdown the app and as soon as I did the files transferred. This happened throughout the day, then the next day it was fine. The dates on the files that say have failed are dated July 19. Anyone with any ideas on what to do. Even if its just to get the uh-oh to go away everytime I open the FTP app? Thanks.

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    It may help if you said what software you are talking about. It also does not help talking about left and right panes since some software layouts can be customized. What is left to you is right or top for someone else. Bottom may be the transfer manager, it may not be.

    When you transfer from the remote location to your local location are you logging in and then transferring files yourself, or are you allowing others direct ftp access to your account/server? When your software starts up is it set to automatically login to that remote site, or just start with the bare app?


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    Basically 550 is a 'generic' error that can mean many things, but at its most basic level it means "Requested action not taken."

    So, is there any more to the error?

    Now, is the transcriptionist PUTting the files on your machine or are you GETting them from the transcriptionist?
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    "uh-oh" sounds like Ipswich's WS-FTP.

    If that's the case just try dragging the files from/to MyComputer directly.

    However Error 550 in WS-FTP sounds like a permissions problem:
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    I used to have some rather interesting sounds [small wave files] allocated to various "events".
    "Uh-Oh" was one of them [Asterisk event].
    It got the users attention without sounding too serious.

    Used the sound of an explosion for the "Critical Stop" event; sounded rather nasty and serious, which was appropriate.

    Still have "Leave me alone" for the "Default Beep", so whenever a user attempts to do something that's not available [click on something or hit a keyboard key], thet are told to leave it alone.
    I once left a visitor at my PC and as I returned I heard that sound and saw him jump.

    Avast just reported an intrusion attempt [no explosion or other appropriately nast sound at that event].
    The Kerio firewall isn't running!
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