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Thread: Toshiba Laptop [Hidden Partition?]

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    Toshiba Laptop [Hidden Partition?]

    I'm working on a Toshiba laptop. I'm sorry, but I forgot to get
    the model no. today. It's a $4,000 model, has a 80GB drive and
    XP (2.8GHz, 512MB RAM).

    I'm trying to clone the hard drive to a new Western Digital 250GB
    USB drive without success.

    Western Digital told me some laptops have a hidden partition and
    this usually causes cloning or imaging the drive to fail.

    Anyone know how to get around this (or verify that it exists)?

    Partition Magic, Partition Expert and Partition Commander don't
    see the USB drive (all these programs run in DOS mode).



    I made three 75GB NTFS partitions on this drive. I prefer cloning
    because a cloned drive can usually be booted up when the main
    drive fails.

    The "Retrospective" backup software that came with the drive is
    too confusing for the customer to use (I don't like it either) so
    I tried:

    1. Paragon Drive Copy (in Windows and then with the bootable CD
    version). Hangs up near the end of the copying and in Windows all
    the partitions are no longer visible.

    2. Handy Backup 3.5 (same problem as above)

    3. Acronis True Image (in DOS mode). Says it can't identify the
    zero sector of USB hard drive.

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    I prefer cloning because a cloned drive can usually be booted up when the main
    drive fails.
    There are major problems booting USB drives so this method is not a solution for drive failure on your laptop. If you want to be able to restore partitions then use clones as image files and not as cloned partitions. BiNG or DriveImage or Ghost would be the sort of applications to do this. BiNG should have no problem with USB2 external drives (you may or may not need to enable its specific USB2 option under its settings if it doesnt work straight away) on a modern machine. Nor will BiNG be daunted by actual size of your large drive.

    I suggest you repartition and reformat the external drive since you are having problems accessing it properly at the moment. If the problems persist check the drive with the maker's diagnostic utility and consider writing zeros to the drive.
    Take nice care of yourselves - Paul - ♪ -
    Help to start using BiNG. Some stuff about Boot CDs & Data Recovery Basics & Back-up using Knoppix.

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