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Thread: ati x 1900xtx vs 7900

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    ati x 1900xtx vs 7900

    ive looked around on lot of sites for benchmark results between single GPU setups and these two cards but have only been able to find SLI vs crossfire type results.

    now i relised that im better off at this point in time with a 7900 in SLI rather then rather new crosfire but single core ati vs geforce who comes out on top? or is it a stalemate with ati winning in some arias and nvidia wining in others.

    ome more thing ati has 16 piplines but 48 somthing else, and geforce 7900 have 24 pipelines what does this mean who wins? or is it imposible to really tell
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    They mostly trade blows, but ATI usually comes out on the high end for single vid cards based on pure efficiency. However, NVidia's designs are more robust and resilient to changing conditions. It would also depend on your monitor. If you can't play games at 1600 x 1200 with AA & AS, then the Radeon X1900 XTX would be wasted on you. NVidia's GeForce 7900 GTX will give you more satisfaction at 1280 x 1024 and lower, especially with older games that rely more on pure fillrate than looped shader executions.

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