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Thread: Urgent please help

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    Urgent please help

    can anyonename a program that would let me make 3d characters for video game and make them do basic things like walk\run etc.

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    You need a CAD program. I haven't ventured into that area of software in a looooong time. I don't know what the current programs are. You should be able to do Google searches on it, though, if you specify CAD programs in conjunction with people or characters.

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    Im not sure if Maya can do this. I just heard my friend mentioning after seeing a few cgi's. I think he said the clip was made using MAYA.
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    I couldn't swear by it but I believe I heard once that HL2 was made using Maya. At least that's what my oldest daughter said when her grandmother gave her copy of Maya to her.
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    This is an extremely powerful program that is being offered for free for a while... It requires that you register to use it:

    Someone who is a big fan of it says that it has tons of add-ons that make it even more powerful and that he has yet to explore its full potential after a couple of years of use...
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