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Thread: Sony Playstation 3

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    Sony Playstation 3

    I have just paid off in full my booking of the Playstation 3.
    650!!! Anyone else getting it?
    Any thoughts on the specs of the machine?
    Or any good trailers of game footage anyone can recommend that I might not have seen?

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    Nah, I'm a PC gamer myself. It's expensive as all hell, but then again consoles are catching up in that department! I remember when I was a kid, and people gawked at the $150 price tag of the NES! Not to mention the games were a good $50-60 a pop! Back then, home gaming systems had reached critical mass and were really taking off, but $200+ to get started!?

    Now look at it! Over 600 Euros just for the system!? And when you think about it, consoles really aren't getting any more powerful than PC's for gaming (relative to the pricing structure). It's just that gaming hardware is all-around getting more expensive. Back in the days of Win98, you couldn't get a decent desktop system for less than $1000, but you only needed a $150 vid card slapped in there to make it a gaming machine. Nowadays, you can get a decent desktop system for $400, but it will never be a gaming machine.

    Kind of makes you wonder, though, why we're spending more for our fun than we did 20 years ago. I mean, yeah, the graphics are better, but back then they were state of the art, too! Why does it cost so much more now to get the latest gaming fun? Something is screwy with our economies!

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