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Thread: Connecting to Cable Modem Directly

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    Connecting to Cable Modem Directly

    My network recently used a router in order to provide internet access for all computers in the house. However, the router is now no longer functioning anymore. Are there any security risks associated with directly connecting through the internet via the modem itself, and not through a router?

    What steps should I take to protect my computer, if there are risks?

    Edit: I have read that connecting directly through the modem is risking exposing your computer to possible attacks, since most routers have a built-in firewall. Would it be sufficient for me to install and use my own personal firewall, such as ZoneAlarm? Or would I need the safety and protection from a router firewall?
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    We generally recommend routers for several reasons:
    You can share files and printers with other PCs on the LAN.
    You get a hardware firewall and NAT protection to stop port scans of your PCs.
    Connection to the Internet is shared easily.

    Can you do it directly? Sure, but it is not as safe. Software firewalls can be defeated.

    Home routers are under $60 US.

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