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Thread: computer for video editing

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    computer for video editing

    I would like to build a new computer, primarily for video editing. I use Sony Vegas for editing, which entirely relies on the CPU rather than the GPU. I would like to have two 19 inch monitors and s-video out, but I do not play games so I don't believe I need a high-powered video card. The card I choose has two DVI outs. I edit in standard DV but may upgrade to high definition in the future.

    I plan to set up a RAID 0 for the opertaing system/programs and a RAID 10 with 4 HD for editing. I choose the DQ6 primarily because I think this motherboard can do RAID 10 but I am not 100% sure.

    Below is what I am thinking of getting (I am in Taiwan and it is easy to get a custom built computer here).

    CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600
    Mother board: Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
    RAM[/B]: 2 X 1 GB RAM Transend DDR2 66
    OS system HD: 2 X Seagate 80GB 7200rpm (in RAID 0)
    Storage HD: 4 X Seagate 320G 7200rpm (in RAID 10)
    Video card: GIGABYTE Geforce 7600GT
    Sound Card: Echo Mia Midi
    DVD/CD recorder: Pioneer DVR-A11 FXA
    Power supply: Seasonic 600W/ATX
    Case: ?????
    Speakers: M-audio DX4
    Monitors: 2 X Samsung 19 960BF (white)

    Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

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    The video card looks more like a game card design ( 3D )
    I would suggest you find one hooked up to 2 monitors before you buy it.
    I have found that many of the game cards do not perform to well in 2D modes
    The second monitor image suffers from jag edges in fonts and shake in images

    You would be working in 2D most of the time.
    when you edit video

    In the Ram department
    When you edit video you will want the max your hardware + Software supports and uses ..
    I have 4Gig installed in my new rig.
    With 3.5 being used for edit work.
    This has dropped my render time to half of what it was in the past

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    Thanks for the input. Any ideas on a good, reasonably-priced, video card for dual monitor display for 2D work?

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