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Thread: MicronPC Transport GX3 laptop

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    Question MicronPC Transport GX3 laptop

    Hello everyone. First time poster here.

    I recently got my hands on a very nice looking MicronPC Transport GX3 laptop. According to the owner, the last person who used it had his/her hands on it months ago and returned it without a power supply. I got my hands on one and charged the battery, hoping that would bring it to life.

    No luck there.

    So, I spoke with some colleagues and they believed that it is the power switch in the unit. So I after some dismantling, I got to the circuit board that has the power button. I performed some continuity testing on the switch and the switch works fine.

    I have put the laptop together, up to the point where I need to hook up the monitor and plugged it in. I hit the power button and got no response. The LEDs on the case indicate that there is power in the unit, and the battery is fully charged.

    Any thoughts or ideas you guys can share are more than welcome. Thank you.

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    Does it sound like it is booting???
    The LEDs on the case indicate that there is power to the unit, and the battery is fully charged
    It might just be a bad Monitor, try hooking it out to a normal computer monitor and see if there is any picture
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    Transport GX3 AC Cable Somebody Help

    OK. I lost the original cable; damn, damn damn.
    I have been looking for the right cable for my MC Transport GX3 laptop. The back of the computer says use AD 8019 adapter only. I've been sent all kinds of things; I just got an AC-5001. The tip fits, but will it work on my computer, and will I fry the system if I use the wrong adapter????
    My stupid book manuscript is in the laptop. help. can reply to

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    Are you sure that AC adapter works with that model Laptop? that's what I'm trying to find out.

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    Look where the plug goes into the laptop and note what DC voltage you need as well as the minimum amperage or wattage. Also note the polarity (tip/sleeve orientation) needed for the jack.

    Then look on the power supply and be sure that the voltage is the same and that the wattage meets the minimum required.

    You may be able to find another .pdf owner's manual online or you may be able to slave the notebook's hard drive and retrieve the one you have on it utilizing another pc with an adapter to use it externally or even internally.

    I have 2 different wattage power supplies for my laptop, both factory made. One charges the battery quickly and allows me to use the notebook simultaneously. The other is weaker and can only charge the battery if the computer is under a light load or turned off. So it is more important to meet the voltage and polarity of, than the wattage if you are willing to wait to allow the battery to come up to full charge.

    Post back any, or lack of, progress. Good luck
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