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Thread: Service Blocking not working?

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    Exclamation Service Blocking not working?

    I have an Actiontec 54MBPS Wireless router. I've blocked services to my nephew's computer because he got in trouble at school. I connect via the wireless and he connects through the direct connection.

    I was surprised to see when reviewing the web activity log, I see many recent surfing activities on his URL. .

    My nephew is not a computer genius. I'm baffled at how he's getting onto the internet and his instant messaging service when I have the services blocked. I thought at first he might just be trying to access the services, but some of the addresses are one's that come up from embedded urls or pop up windows, such as

    Does anyone have any idea's how he is getting around the router, and how I can stop it?

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    I am a "mean", caring parent.
    I simply pull the router RJ45 cable for the kids' PC if they get into trouble and I have the router in a secured area.

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    What services exactly are you talking about? You mentioned surfing and IM. Are you just wanting to stop him from accessing the internet at all? Then just pulling the plug is the easiest way. If you want to say allow web usage but not IM then it is more tricky. Many IM programs will "learn" a new way if the ports they usually use are blocked. Most of the time this will end up being through port 80 which is also used for web traffic, so you can't effectively block IM without stopping web surfing.

    Unless of course you are willing to spend large amounts of money and time to get it done.

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    Do you want to block all internet access for his machine and keep the internal network up? IF this is the case statically assign his IP address and subnet mask and remove the default gateway. He will have internal network communication and no way to the web. You could also give him bogus DNS addresses like He will not be able to resolve names that way.

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