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Thread: BSOD Woes

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    Unhappy BSOD Woes

    Hi all,

    I recently upgraded my PC to P4. The OS is Windows XP. Since the upgrade, my PC restarts at random intervals, following BSODs. I noted down the error number today. It goes like:

    STOP: 0x0000008E (0XC0000005, 0XBF82852D, 0XF8182BD4, 0X00000000)

    Win 32.sys - Address BF82852D base at BF 800000, Datestamp 43446a58

    Any idea as to what could be the problem?

    All help is appreciated.

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    Replace the new CPU with the old one.
    If the problem stops, then reinstall the new CPU, and make sure it's not overheating(> 60 C), it's correctly configured in BIOS, and it's not being overclocked.
    If it's overheating, then check that thermal compound was applied to the CPU die and the bottom of the heatsink. If the CPU came with a thermal pad, then make sure the protective plastic cover was removed from the pad.
    If those are ok, then it may need a more powerful cooler(heatsink + fan) and/or additional or more powerful case fans.

    Also, please post your system's specs.

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    Also make sure your mobo can support the new processor.
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    Or if you need a BIOS flash before using the new CPU...
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    First off, welcome to the PC Guide forums.

    As I re-read your original post after writing the section below, I realized you said the following: "I recently upgraded my PC to P4". Can you explain that a bit more? I think all of us assumed you upgraded your cpu, but perhaps not. Did you get an entirely new PC system? Or did you just upgrade your cpu (processor). If you just upgraded your cpu, then the section below is pertinent. But if you upgraded your entire "PC", then could you post what kind of PC, where you got it, specs, all that stuff.


    Okay, as someone above said, first and foremost you'll need to post the specs of your system, especially the specific model cpu you removed and the specific model cpu you replaced it with, and how you obtained the cpu, i.e., was it a retail version, where did you buy it, did a friend give it to you, stuff like that.

    If this is a retail computer, e.g., HP or Dell, it would be crucial to go to their website and see if a bios update is available and needed to upgrade the cpu, and whether the motherboard is compatible with your new cpu.

    If this is a homebuilt system, then it will be important to identify the motherboard and determine whether it is compatible with this particular cpu.

    So first and foremost, obtain as much information as possible about your system/motherboard and cpu before you do anything else.

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