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Thread: Defects!!

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    I just bought a compaq notebook from my friend but it has some problems i just bought a new hardrive and installed windows xp sp2 but when i play music i heard no sound coming from the notebook speaker and in the headphone but when i look at the system devices at the control panel the soundcard is installed correctly it has no exclamation mark. Is there a problem inside the notebook sound hardware if it does, can i repair the soundcard?
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    Go to the sound control panel (speakers icon) and check if it is in mute. Do a sound diagnostic (if the n/b has such an application).

    Otherwise you need some new headphone jack. For the DIY concept, turn off the n/b and use a very thin screwdriver and SLOW and GENTLY pry the metal contacts (both sides) within the h/phone jack to the centre. This will allow the contacts to contact the h/phone plug.

    See if that will work


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    Without actually seeing the situation with your own eyes, I don't understand how you can advise bending something you aren't sure is a problem. Your enthusiasm is noted but try to only advise sure things and don't go out on a limb advising someone about something that canpotentially harm their system, be it physically or software-wise.

    The muted button is good advice but not the screwdriver at this time. Not yet, anyway...

    Try dxdiag in the Run box. Test for sound, post results please. I assume all the drivers have been installed to the new hard drive including sound drivers?
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    Yeah all the drivers are succesfully installed i look at it at the system devices and also in control panel all are not muted and i run dxdiag then its obvious i can't here sound during the test,,, but sorry if i cant post the results here because the floppy and the dvddrive of my compaq is not functioning also and i used only a usb dvddrive when i installed the OS of my compaq. But thnx anyways guyz i think i will just send my notebook to a repairshop here and i just only bought this notebook for only 1500 pesos = $15...
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    G'day fruss,

    I know what I am talking about and believe me it will not damage the n/b. The headphone contacts over time does not contact with the headphone plug due to over use and is bent outwards thus in some cases that is why he may not able to get sound output from the headphones and in other cases he may have to wriggle around to get the contact, if you hold it in position with your hand! Have you not seen people in public wriggling their headphone plug whilst trying to listen to music? It's the same principle! I know my electronics...

    In some cases where you may not get sound from the speakers but do get it from the headphones thus you can eliminate one possibility. I am mere pointing out these possibilities.

    Just because dodong's n/b has problems, it does not mean its just the software, it can be hardward (components), remember, the n/b is secondhand ($15!!! What have you got to loose?) thus anything is possible.

    Try and think outside the square...
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    Since you don't know how to take a private hint, take a public warning. You are rude. You hop on board and within a couple of hours you dazzle us by insulting a moderator and dressing down a long time member who has over 4000 posts on this board.

    Also we speak in complete sentences and not in abbreviations or IM speak.

    So you have been warned, keep this up and you will be asked to take a seat on the sidelines for a couple of days. If you still act out after that, you will be banned permanently.

    I'll be gone for a couple of hours. Please try to behave in my absence. If you don't, you wont be here long.

    Got it....
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    I know basic electronics as well. 2 years of school plus lot's of experience. At 52 years old, lot's takes on a whole new meaning! I know what you mean when you say to use a screwdriver to make the jack have contact with the internal switch.

    Dodong mentions no sound from speakers, NOR when using earphones/headphones. This works the headphone jack in 2 different ways (shorted so speakers work when no plug is inserted, directed to phones when plug is in) and in my opinion nearly eliminates the jack as the culprit.

    Is there a speaker or other sound application icon in the task bar? With my laptop there is both and each needs to be checked so volume levels are up enough.
    Have you tried going in BIOS to look for any sound application that may need enabling? Possibly enabling Legacy Devices considering the 'age' of the laptop which I am assuming for the price.. $15.00

    when i look at the system devices at the control panel
    I read this to say that Device Manager is happy? Si?

    I just realized you said Compaq. I wonder if this model is one with some of the BIOS on a hidden partition on the (original) hard drive. I know some desktop Compaqs were that way.. If so, I'm afraid your $15 may have just just purchased you a 'deaf mute' laptop!

    You could try the uninstall - reinstall route by removing sound devices from Device Manager too.
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    The part on the hidden partition was/is the setup program...and if you do a careful hunt on the Compaq site you should be able to find it. But you will need to know the full model number of the machine.
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