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Thread: Burning cd's

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    Aug 2000

    Unhappy Burning cd's

    Hi, hoping you can help me, having a prob with burning cd's. When I start a burn
    all goes well and then it fails and displays an error message saying, "Power
    on, reset or bus device reset occurred" and then fails. I have tried most of
    the common fixes to no avail and would like to add that it does not happen
    all the time. My system is as follows, M/board= Jetway 9bxan with a Celeron
    500,128 meg of mem and a 20 gig H/D. Voodoo 3000 card with a S/Blaster 1024
    sound card. Also installed is a Pinacle DC10 plus card and Win98 first
    edition. My writer is a HP 7200i plus installed from my old machine with Nero
    v5.0.1.3also an Aopen dvd reader Hoping
    you can help me in some way and thanks in advance. Yours lear

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    Aug 2000
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    Hi Lear,

    I'm afraid I don't know exactly what would be causing this. I don't have that burner and have never heard of that error before.

    A quick search turned up a page that talks about this error using Nero. You may find that this helps you fix the problem:

    Please let me know if that solves it. If it doesn't, I would start by trying a different brand of CD-R, or different burning software.

    Good luck.

    Charles M. Kozierok ( )
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    Charles M. Kozierok
    Webslave, The PC Guide
    PC Reference, Troubleshooting, Optimization and Buyer's Guides...
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