I'm starting a new project, mostly for fun.
I went to compusa and raided them for all their free-after-rebates junk. I got a whole bunch of network hardware and decided I want to play around.

So, currently I have a WRT54G wireless router with DD-WRT firmware on it. It has bigger antennas to improve range. I want to add another device to it that will function as a secondary AP. I would like to use another router so that I can use the wired ports on it. And most importantly, I want the wireless signals to overlap so that I can be on a laptop and travel to the very end of one AP's range, then transfer into the other one without any noticeable change. (I think it's called ESSID or something...)

Here is the hardware I currently have:

1. WRT54G with DD-WRT firmware on it. (I'm just including this as reference, I don't want to use it as a secondary anything, it rocks too much.)

2. D-Link DI-524 with the firmware flashed to DI-624

3. TrendNET TEW-432BRP Router. Brand New in box

4. Belkin 3-Port 802.11b Wireless Router (F5D6230-3)

5. D-Link Pocket Router/AP DWL-G730AP

What would you guys recommend?

Thanks, Chandler