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Thread: Building/upgrading my first pc

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    Building/upgrading my first pc

    I am considering upgrading/building a new pc using some older parts--is it worth it or should i consider starting from scratch?

    Currently, I'm running an older Gateway with a Pentium 4 3Ghz w/ 800 Mhz FSB with about 1024 Mb of Ram.

    My idea was to buy a new case, but use the existing CPU/RAM/Audio card and whatever else i can use while upgrading the video card immediately (which i desperately need regardless. I'm currently using a 128 Mb Radeon 9600G).

    I had to replace my PSU a couple months ago (am now using an Antec 500W ATX 12V, v2.0) so I'm hoping that will be enough to power more toys, fans, etc.

    The main problem i'm having now is, I believe, heat related. My computer randomly reboots when it's been on for a while, and I am hoping that a new breezy case with better fans will be an easy and relatively inexpensive solution which will allow for further upgrades in the future.

    I've had other issues in the past such as my audio card not being recognized by my mobo. Re-seating the card fixes this. I haven't had to do this recently but it's been a problem from day 1. I'm assuming its a junky motherboard so i'd likely be replacing that.

    I don't do anything fancy with my computer except play MMO's like Lineage II, burn DvD's, play music/videos, etc.

    My current setup is fast enough for most things imo, except for ultra-smooth gaming at high the highest resolutions (which i hope a video card upgrade will fix). I'm not expecting to get any real speed boost out of a new case/fans/ram/video card but mostly a smoother running system that I can upgrade even further when the time comes.

    I'm new at this whole thing but i've had to replace hardware before and have always wanted to build a new computer so I'm thinking this will be sort of a nice starting point and middle ground. Maybe with my next pc, i can start truly from scratch.

    Does anyone think my needs justify salvaging these older parts or am i just crazy?

    Thx, in advance.

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    One major factor in using those parts again, they are Gateway parts. I am not certain, but they might not be ant standard form factor. They could even make a few minor changes to mounting locations to prevent the parts from being used in any other case.

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    gateway parts

    I've thought about that, but i'm fairly certain that my processor isn't fixed onto the mobo though stranger things have happened to me. I'll take a look at it tonight and make sure it pops out.

    I know that the PSU isn't standard because i had to replace it a few months back. Nothing that a little creative duct taping couldn't handle though.

    I'm not planning on salvaging the mobo as i do believe that that is fixed into the case.

    The main components i whish to move over to a new case are the processor, RAM, PSU, audio card, ethernet card, and possibly the DVD drive and the hard drive.

    With the exception of the processor and the DVD drive, I'm pretty sure everything else is a go, we'll see though.

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