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Thread: Installing memory on a Dell Latitiude c400

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    Installing memory on a Dell Latitiude c400

    I have a Dell Latitude c400 laptop with PIII 1.2Ghz processor, 20GB HD, 512 RAM and I am going to upgrade to 1GB of RAM. I currently have two 256MB pc133 modules installed. I know how to take the memory cover off and replace the module on the bottom of the system, but I don't know where the other module was located. Can anyone help so I know how to install this. Thanks.

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    Hidden RAM module

    I found it. It was under the keyboard. I had to remove the narrow cover where the power button was located, then remove the keyboard. Underneath the keyboard was a plate that covered the other RAM module.

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    Yes all the Dell laptops I have worked on are like this. Sometimes both memory slots are on the bottom, but if there is only one memory slot on the bottom, then the other is under the KB.

    They are usually pretty easy to get to. Pop off the button panel, 2-3 screws for the KB and there it is. On certain models you may have to remove a metal cover (usually one screw) to get to the memory slot, but most are in the open once you get the KB off.
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