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Thread: Disk Error

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    Disk Error

    My problem has been going on for about the last month. When the computer is turned on sometimes there is a primary slave disk error. When this happens I turn the computer off and unplug the cables from the back of the drive and plug it back in and it works perfectly fine. Sometimes the motherboard reads then the screen goes black and stays black and I have to turn the power off and unplug both of the drives and replug them back in. When the computer is running it will freeze and any random time if you are on the desktop. Sometimes when you are in the slave drive and you try to open a folder the computer freezes. As of yet this has not happened with the primary drive. Most often when the computer is on when it goes into screensaver the computer just freezes, or you still see the screen saver going and then you go to move the mouse or press a button on the keyboard and it freezes. I have two of the same Seagate 320GB hard drives. Any help I can get I thank you for. Any other information that is needed I can mostly supply if more on the computer is needed.

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    After searching around the web for anymore information on this issue I found nothing. I came back here and clicked on this thread just to check it out.
    I click on seagate then searched around and found the cable setup might have been wrong on my computer so I read up on that page about the jumpers too. I shut down my computer the cables were fine but the slave drive was set on cable select so I changed it to what was there on that paged checked the drive and it was limited capacity went. Then found more on that site about the jumpers and found out you dont need a jumper for a slave so far its working good no errors and started up perfectly fine. Heres the Seagate jumpers link if anyone else did what I did by mistake (The drives didnt come with jumper directions too :\ )
    I hope this helps others too. If any other erros occur that I can't resolve ill post here.

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    Everything was running good then it went on screen saver the second time and it froze again. I thought I resolved my problem but it was not the jumper settings I guess its still the same as my first post so far.

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    The problem is still unknown although there not compatable with each other I believe. I popped the hard drive into another computer and formated it and it worked fine.

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    You need to describe your hard drive setup more exactly. It sounds like the two drives that "plug into the back of the computer" are external Hard Drives (or Pen Drives), probably USB or eSATA. Neither of these are ever slaved to another drive. Slave devices only exist on the IDE/ATAPI/PATA interface and can be either Hard Drives or CD/DVD Drives. System Freezes would have nothing to do with the jumper settings as you seem to have now surmised.

    I would turn off all screen savers and other power managment features that turn off the monitor after a certain length of time and see if that makes any difference.
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