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Thread: Modem Error

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    Unhappy Modem Error

    I recently received a computer that had all drivers removed.
    I installed all drivers including the modem driver.
    I even purchased another modem but still have this problem.
    Everything works on the computer but the modem.
    Anyway here is the problem.
    I can't get my computer to detect my modem.
    When I go to System in Control Panel and check the properties of the modem, I receive a "Cannot read port registry" error.
    I removed all the modems and com ports from the device manager the restarted and reinstalled the modem with no luck.
    Then I went into the Bios and set the "PnP OS Installed" to No
    Then I Disabled Com2 and restarted the computer with no luck there either.
    I still receive the same error message and the modem isn't recognized on dial-up.
    It is a Rockwell 56k Soft Modem made by Amquest.
    The installation is WinMe
    There also seems to be no conflicts with ports.
    Also when I go to Add/Remove hardware the modem is not present there.
    Thanks for any info you can provide

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    Try putting the modem in a different pci slot or isa slot and see if that helps. Is there any where you can change the com port in your settings like a modem option in control panel. Sometimes you can change the com port and that should help. But if you cant then there is no way of changing it. I know in win2000 you can change the com port. Also when you install the drivers check dont detect modem. Then after that check have disk and it should then recognize the drivers.

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    Welcome to the PC Guide PJ...For future reference try to find the applicable forum for your this case Peripheral Troubleshooting.

    Seems a common problem may be 'ghost' drivers are still present in the Device Manager. Boot into Safe Mode and remove all instances of modem from the DM then reboot.

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    additionally, if it is a "soft"(ware) modem you will need the install disk, or drivers for that modem as it's a software modem which is really only half a modem.

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