I have a Novatel Merlin S720 air card with Sprint PCS. Anytime I connect using either the Connectio Manager, or just go through dial up networking I have to wait 1-2 minutes for any program to start once I press the icon to start the program. I have both upgraded, and downgraded the Connection Manager software, installed the latest drivers for the laptop, and am running the latest firmware on the air card. I have had the card for about 2-3 months and this problem didn't start until the last month. I can't swear to it but I belive it started right after the firmware upgrade. Naturally, Sprint hasn't heard of the problem. Once I connect with Sprint and press any icon, the whole system hangs waiting on the program to start. The only things I can access are the Task Manager and the Close button on the Connection manager. If I either close the connection, or pop the air card out of the PCMCIA slot the program immediately starts otherwise I have to wait 1-2 minutes for the program to start. I originally thought it was just programs that access the internet but even MS Word hangs. I know it has something to do with the Air Card as it never does this unless the air card is connected. This is a brand new Dell Latitude D630 laptop so I would not suspect Windows as it did the same thing on my old Latitude D400. The task manager shows 0% - 2% CPU utilization, and no abnormal memory useage and the network activity is nearly 0. Any suggestions?