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Thread: What do your speakers look like?

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    What do your speakers look like?

    On this computer, they are harman/kardon 2.1 speakers from a Dell system. They're great.

    In my room, I do not have a computer, but my iPod and an old, (1999), computer speaker system. Altec Lansing ACS 495.

    These things have virtual surround. It sounds unbelievable for their size.
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    i have my good ol' set of logitech Z-4s on one PC:

    i have a thunderous set of z2300s for my other PC and another set hooked up to my TV:

    and lastly, my old BA735s in my garage:

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    I got these refurbed for $33 shipped. The pot on the sub is a little scratchy and you sometimes have to fiddle with it to stop it from humming and/or cracking. But once you get it set they work fine as long as you don't bump the sub.

    Not the best, but good enough for me for the price, especially considering that they're a huge upgrade from my old BA's, which look very similar to the ones in j0hnnyboy's post.
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