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Thread: FCS Fairchild PC

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    Thumbs up FCS Fairchild PC

    My brother in law gave me a FCS computer. It has an 800 mhz processor at the present time-but of course I want to do a little upgrading. I'm assuming that in order to upgrade the processor, i need to know what motherboard it has. Unless somebody already knows off the top of their head, where do i look for the mb manufacturer? The processor is an AMD. The motherboard also has a heatsink with the words"T-Bird" by AMD on it. I've googled FCS and Fairchild computers without much luck. Now it's time to ask the REAL search engine-you.

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    It's a slot A processor right? The old cartridge style? I think those maxed out
    at 1 Ghz and then they switched to socket style CPUs. If I'm correct on both counts I'm not sure it'd even be worth the effort to upgrade the cpu..might not see much of a performance gain.'s a link to some more info on the slot A Athlons.

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    AMD Duron

    I'm the guy with the Thunderbird K-7 motherboard. I have found that i have an AMD Duron D800AUT1B processor. Can I replace this processor with any Slot A AMD Duron processor out there? Thanks>>David

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    What are my heatsink/fan requirements? Any general rules/formulas to follow?

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    Holy cow! That's like 7 years old!

    The only place to find computer components that old is eBay.

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    Can I replace this processor with any Slot A AMD Duron processor out there?
    That depends on the motherboard. I would think most would handle up to the max speed actually produced, since they were short lived and designed to be forward compatible to an extent. The only way to know for sure is to identify the motherboard and look up its specs. It will probably handle Athlon too, the better of the two.
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