if your looking for a new heatsink for that new build or you want to cool of the one you have now
Check these 2 new units out

Thermalright SI-128 SE

Thermalright Ultima-90

The SI is a down draft unit
Good for those who don't want to mess with the tower units
or have limited height in the area of the cpu

The new Ultima is the smaller version of the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme

I have both the 120 eXtreme and the original 90

The new Ultima-90 fits the new motherboards with heatpipe chipset cooler
Even the hard to fit units.

one Major improvement is the mounting design
It solves the possible problems some have had with the Ultra-120 eXtreme
Where after being installed the heatsink was able to be moved ( rotated slightly)

If you want max cooling for Over clocking or you want to build a passive cooled Quiet system
The Ultra-120 eXtreme and the Ultima-90 are the way to go