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Thread: Acer Laptop Shut Down Problem

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    Acer Laptop Shut Down Problem

    Hey, my laptop has a problem shutting down it appears. I have an Acer Aspire 5920G with Vista Home Premium. The computer functions completely fine, except upon shut down. When I go to shut the computer down (via the start menu), it goes through the normal shut down procedure (logging me off, shutting down, etc.), but never actually turns off. Only the screen turns off (or goes dark). The computer itself stays on (like all the buttons and lights remain on, and you can clearly hear that the PC/Hard Drive is still on).

    This is weird because the computer actually does "shut down" (because, upon restart, it doesn't say that the computer was "shut down" improperly). The only way I can actually get the PC to "turn off"/completely shut down is by taking the battery out and/or removing the AC adapter. Anyway, I have no idea why this keeps happening, and it's really a strange problem (everything shutting down properly but the computer itself remaining on).

    Please help if you have any idea or if you need me to provide more info. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the PCGuide. Are you sure you're not clicking the red symbol next to the search bar in the start menu? That puts the computer to sleep, not shut it down. Stupid thing on M$'s part. Here's how you shut it down:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123456 View Post
    Welcome to the PCGuide. Are you sure you're not clicking the red symbol next to the search bar in the start menu? That puts the computer to sleep, not shut it down. Stupid thing on M$'s part. Here's how you shut it down:

    Hey, I agree that the button is a stupid/somewhat confusing thing, but I am not clicking on it (I do realize that it just puts the computer to sleep). Like I said, whenever I click the "shut down" option, the computer shuts down fine but never actually "turns off" (only the screen appears to "turn off"). Then, after forcing it to turn off (by removing the battery and/or AC adapter), I can turn it back on without any error or warning that my computer may have lost info and stuff (meaning that it was shut down correctly). I know, it's a really weird problem, but I have no idea what is causing it.

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    Check the BIOS/setup options to make sure that 'OFF' is really off, not some sort of advanced 'sleep' or hibernation.

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    i used to have the same problem..

    after checking & flashing new bios, reseating the ram modules & HD that doesnt really helped, i tried checking the cooler grill & i found out that it was blocked by dust. the air are not sufficiently flowing out. the processor almost overheated that prompt the system to automatically shuts ddown to prevent further damage.. clean it with compress canned air. dont forget to remove the battery first. i hope that would help you.

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    Hi Eric, welcome to and thanks for helping but this thread was started over a year ago. I don't know if the OP is still around.

    That's one thing alot of new members miss at first because the old threads aren't purged, they're left to view so if they can help someone else who may get a similar problem.

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