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Thread: My laptop will not connect to the intrnet via my wireless router.

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    My laptop will not connect to the intrnet via my wireless router.

    I have a wireless router on my desktop pc connected via WIFI to my Playstation 3.
    Recently I bought a Linkseys usb wifi adapter for my Laptop.Put in the drivers etc and the laptop sucessfully finds the access point.It shows full strength and link quality and finds the SSID name,infrastucture,DHCP client enabled etc but it will not connect to Internet explorer.
    When click on IE it just says "the page cannot be displayed"

    I went into my IE properties under connections and I ticked NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION and then in LAN SETTINGS i ticked(and unticked) AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS.
    still no luck!!

    When I go into network and dial up connections, it shows that i have connected local area connection fine,and when i go into properties everything is ticked including
    client service for netware
    client for microsoft networks
    qos packet schedule
    file and printer sharing
    internet protocol tcp/ip

    Iam no way an expert but i cannot get on the net even though the laptop says its fully connected to the access point. It is even recieving and transmitting bytes,

    There is obviously something maybe in the IE setting that ive done wrong.I dont know

    Anyone any ideas?

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    What is the output of ipconfig /all for the wireless network adapter when typed at a command prompt?

    Is IE set to work offline?

    Is there any WEP or WPA password/passphrase needed? Some routers come with a default one enabled by default.

    Which Operating System? Any Firewall?

    Can you ping the Gateway address and DNS server found in ipconfig /all ?
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    Please check the firewall settings on this PC. The native windows firewall and any third party firewalls you may have installed.
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